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13. Mary Genkel Hebert  Apr 17 2010 00:26:36 
My maiden name is Genkel. I was told that my grandfather came from Germany (I believe Hamburg). He had been a seaman at a very early age and settled in New Orleans, Louisiana. Thats really all I ever knew. His name was Charles Genkel and my fathers name was William Genkel. Its nice to know there are other Genkels out there. Theres none in our telephone book here and my father once told me that when he was in the army many years ago. He was told that he was the only Genkel they had listed. (Of course that was in the 1940s). The internet does open doors..

12. Martha Bowman  Nov 11 2009 06:54:16 
Raya can contact me; or telephone 916-591-3720

11. Martha Bowman  Nov 11 2009 05:19:37 
Please let me know if anyone knows where Rahel (Raya) Genkel is. She lived with us for a year. She is like a daughter. Please help us find her. Last know to be in Berlin. Father; Uwe Kroker
Mother; Angelika Genkel
We miss her and just want to know she is okay.
Martha Bowman
Penryn, California

10. SEND2GO  Oct 21 2009 18:14:23 
hey very nice site.. ;)

9. André Genkel  Jul 13 2008 10:27:15 
Hello all you Genkels,
Its nice to see that somebody has taken the trouble to research our family name. I am from California, but moved to europe in 1989. Lived 3 years in Switzerland (S't Gallen) and am currently residing in Sweden (Linköping). It would really be nice to hear from some of you and see if/how were related.

8. Alina Genkel  Jul 21 2006 07:44:42 
Hello this is a great site i would like you to know that i am russian and i live in england and that my grandads dad is german and my surname is Genkel. and if there is anynews please email me on thanks x

7. Earl Jenkel  Mar 29 2005 22:07:04 
I came across this website after hours of searching and finding nothing about my family name. Thank you for posting it. I believe most of my relatives were born and raised in southern illinois and are the descendants of "Fritz" Jenkel.

6. Donna Colleen Jenkel  Mar 12 2004 07:23:50 
I am Karen Jenkel's sister. She was so gracious to let me know of this website. Thank you so very much for all your work and elightenment!

5. Karen Jenkel  Mar 5 2004 12:47:48 
Thank you for your very interesting and professionally presented work. I have been a Jenkel for quite some time now and have known very little of the family history prior to their coming to America.

It's nice to know that there is an international network of kinship. Life gets more interesting every day!

4. Mark Ginkel  Feb 5 2004 16:49:13 
Very interesting, Iam quite interested in learning more about my family's origin. your site is a great help. If you have any more information please contact me

3. genckel family  Nov 9 2003 03:29:08 
Very interesting hp!!
I'm writing to you from Denmark. My grandfather and I are doing research on our family and ancestors.
There must be a connection here.
Let's write each-other!!!!

Best regards
Niclas Genckel Petersen,
Copenhagen - Denmark

2. GennKell*  Oct 2 2003 02:13:56 

Your site is interesting! Found this site by accidentally while I was searching for a domain name of Genn Kell till this site pop up on my screen..

Ciao! GennKell Of USA*

1. Dana Siegmund  Jan 29 2002 11:28:34 
What a wonderful website, so detailed!!

I hope you will visit my web discussion group for the Jenkel family at;
I will place a link to your sight in my bookmarks section.