Who is running this web site?

Actually we do not want to tell you much about us, but we'd like to tell you about our forefathers instead. Nevertheless a few words about us, just to enable you to form an impression of us and to understand our motivation to run this site.

Years ago we begun beeing engaged in our families genealogy. We've consulted many of our relatives, were in search of historical documents, went to cemeteries to search for dates at gravestones and read in historical church records.

With the internet there was the possibility to search for ancestral information worldwide, directly from the desk at home. Certainly there were some results, but Genkel's and their forefathers are rare in the WWW, too. Therefore we decided to set up a platform acting as place to go for all related questions and information. It's the opportunity to reach much more Genkel's than ever possible before the internet.

So we see this site as a meaningful and contemporary way to proceed with our hobby.