The river and the village Genkel in Germany

The Genkel river is a tributary of the Agger river and rises near the village Börlinghausen south-western of Meinerzhagen (cf. map). Before the construction of the Agger dam it was flowing into the Agger near Bredenbruch. Since 1952 it supplies its water to the Genkel dam, which was builded within two years by the Agger association.

At the turn to the 20th century the Genkel river had been described as the "main water line to the territory of Listringhausen, putting all its power at industrials disposal" by the local historian Fittig from Meinerzhagen. Meanwhile the countryside has found its way back to nature.

There is a small village of the same name in the headwater region of the Genkel river. Documents from the file of the former Reichs abbey Werden at Ruhr (Essen) tell about the fact, that the incomes of "Jenkila" were contributed to an annual commemoration in May 1047 by the abbot Gerold. It was planned as compensation to serve bred, wine and fish to the monks at this commemoration.

300 years ago the village Genkel did consist of 9 farmers estates. One of them was inhabited by 3 generations of the Knoche family, which had hereditary leased the royal Bannmühle (mill) of Meinzerzhagen, too.

The pastors estate in Genkel is the origin of a family with the same name which brought out several pastors. Worth mentioning is Peter Genkel, who worked as a pastor at Lieberhausen in the beginning of the 17th century.

ref: Robert Czoelner, "Das Kirchspiel Lieberhausen", with kindly permission by the author